December Tip

Note the cold spots are not along the geographic line from the N. Pole to the S. Pole but where the globe, tilted and tipped, is getting the least amount of sunshine! Depending on the tipping and what part of the globe is getting sunlight, the coldest spot is not the geographic N. Pole, but that part of the globe that gets less sunlight. On the weather maps below, the Italy Face makes Russia, not Sweden, receive less sunlight as Sweden is tilted toward the Sun. The Americas Face makes the areas NW of Hudson Bay, not the N. Pole, receive less sunlight as this part receives a shorter day as it is pushed into an early sunset during the tilt swing. The New Zealand face shows an uneven distribution of cold along latitude 60° as the globe is pushed up and away from the Sun over New Zeland. This is then pulled forward over the India Face for warmer temperatures North of Mongolia. The weather maps, and the verbal descriptions, match.

Dec 3: No precise sunset data because of the clouds, but but somewhere between 280° and 320°. [Assume 300°. Compass reading, subtract 30° for deviation. Skymap expects Azi 238°. Sunset NORTH by 32°]

Dec 19: I think we have passed the actual Solstice already a week ago at least, as the sun is already now again higher in my view in Europe than it was 2 weeks ago. I feel we have rolled by at least 12-30 degrees.

Dec 21: Sun set SSW rather than SW at Azi 225°.

Dec 2: Sunset early by 30 minutes, SOUTH.

Dec 3: Sunset SOUTH by 21°
Dec 5: Sunrise NORTH by 11°
Dec 11: Sunset SOUTH by 12°
Dec 11: Sunset SOUTH by 14°
Dec 13: Sunset SOUTH by 22°
Dec 14: Sunrise NORTH by 7°
Dec 26: Sunrise NORTH by 12°

Dec 6: Sunrise high by 19° NORTH, early.

Dec 7: Sunrise 50 minutes, NORTH.

Dec 8: dark in the 2nd week of Nov at 5 PM, normal for in the first week of Dec.
Dec 21: Sunset SOUTH by 14°
Dec 23: Sunset SOUTH by 16°
Dec 24: Sunset SOUTH by 18°

Dec 8: SOUTH by 38°!

Dec 10: Sunset SOUTH by 6°
Dec 18: Sunset SOUTH by 3°
Dec 22: Sunset SOUTH by 8°

Dec 18: Sunset 5° SOUTH.

Sunset Dec 3: SOUTH by 9°.
Sunrise Dec 11: SOUTH by 8°
Sunset Dec 11: SOUTH by 11°
Midday Dec 12: SOUTH by 25° and too HIGH by 15-20° deg!
Sunset Dec 12: SOUTH by 11°

Sunrise Dec 7: SOUTH, late by 47 minutes.
Sunset Dec 6: SOUTH, late by 28 minutes.