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ZetaTalk: Orientation Test
Note: added during the Dec 7, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Nancy and ourselves are often asked how one can determine if a stranger, or even a familiar friend, is Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self. Those who are mature entities can sense this in the other's spirit, the soul, instantly. Nancy is often criticized for being abrupt with a questioner, but she knows the reason for the questions, the approach, the offer, etc. It is not the actions of the other, nor the words, that give this clue. How does she know? She reaches out and senses the intent of the soul, and was wise in this judgment prior to this incarnation, one of the reasons she was allowed to proceed on this Communications role she has assumed, with all our support.

Immature entities, those young, who are always in an undecided position, not fully Service-to-Other in their orientation, are confused. They are confused because they have not yet sorted out their own motivations, goals, and agendas. They themselves are presenting a persona that is often false, to the world, and reassuring themselves that they have better motives than is true. They themselves have hidden agendas, will fail to deliver on promises, and are looking for others to support them when times get tight, though posturing otherwise. They do not know themselves, are not being honest with themselves as this is discomfiting, so are hardly known to others by the face they present. If anyone questions this analysis, thinking themselves more mature, then the proof is simple. Go into a messy human situation, into poverty, disease, helping the lowest of mankind as Mother Theresa did in India, living among them. One does not have far to go for this, as misery is everywhere. If one balks, makes excuses, cannot stay for more than a moment, then you have your answer! Thus, for those who want a criteria to determine Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self, we say that first you must know yourself, as otherwise you simply cannot determine.

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