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ZetaTalk: Guided
Note: added during the Dec 7, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Truly Service-to-Other individuals, with dependents if they do not interfer with the Service-to-Other nature of the individual, are being guided now. This most often starts by the individual giving the Call, as they see situations around them becoming less secure, changes not explained by the establishment, and wish to continue to aid those they feel responsible for. The Call results in visitations, and the Service-to-Other individual gets informed of the coming times, and is assisted in sorting out their personal plans. For many, they cannot make solid plans, due to being underfunded or over extended personally, in committements to others. Thus, the Service-to-Other individual often has a last-minute plan, to escape, with loved ones who will certianly need assistance, to postion themselvses where they can help others in the immediate Aftertime. Often, the Service-to-Other individual plans to go into the worst situations, into collapsed cities to rescue the innocent, the orphans, and take them to better places. They are being guided as to where to take these troups of orphans, chosen not solely due to their need, but to their orientation, else Lord of the Flies result. And this giving of the Call, and Visitations, and being guided will only increase during the shift, and afterwards.

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