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ZetaTalk: Actions
Note: added during the Dec 7, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self orientation cannot be determined strickly by action, by a rule of thumb, as it depends. As we have explained, a gruff person can be self centered, or just angry because they see that harm will come to others unaware. A demanding person might be demanding for the self, although presenting the demands as for others, and this cannot be determined unless one looks to the result of the demand. Someone barking orders can be simply trying to be in control, or trying to organize the confused and disoriented. There is simply no way to describe every situation, as they all vary. Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self motives are best determined by the result of the action, as a test of motive, and what the individual is willing to do. If an Service-to-Other individual is barking orders, saying that all should move to higher ground, leaving the food stocks, but insists on remaining with the food stocks, then you have your answer. This individual intends to run off with them, most likely, else would suggest that all carry a portion to higher ground, the food stocks in many hands, not just in the hands of the individual barking orders.

If an Service-to-Other individual is caring for the dying, binding wounds and comforting the frightened, endlessly for hours, and there is scaresly any benefit to the individual, then they are displaying true Service-to-Other behaviour. If they are insisting on being in a control room sitting on the medical supplies, and parsing out based on intellectual decisions as to need, then this is suspect. Thus, one should look to the actions, the willingness of the individual to get down and dirty, to share decisions, to dispurse goods into many hands, to trust others, etc. This is not an easy answer for those who are not mature souls, who can recognize instantly the orientation of another.

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